Orthotic Recommendations

Foot orthoses, commonly called orthotics, are devices placed in a person's shoes that change the way forces are distributed on the feet. These are very different from the gel insoles regularly found in pharmacies. Orthotics have many layers including a durable outer shell and a cushioning top layer. Several foot conditions can be managed and even cured with the right orthotic.

Orthotics can be custom-made to your feet with a doctor's prescription. This is a complicated process involving biomechanical analysis and a thorough foot exam. Ask your podiatrist more about custom orthotics and if they are right for you.

Over-the-counter medical grade orthotics are available without prescription. Below are some brands that I like. 

An appointment is not needed to purchase them.

Redi-thotics Control

Powerstep Protech

Superfeet Carbon